Featured piece - new piece will be posted late February.....

Balance (1990-1999)

Best in Show California State Fair 2003, also 1st Place and Best in Division.  Embroiderers Guild of America US tour 16th national exhibit 2000 through 2002.

Silk fabric with rayon thread embroidery 20' x 20"


​My friend requested an elephant on a jacket I was embroidering for him.  They stand for wisdom.  I found a mama elephant online and traced her outline.  She didn't have a nick in her ear but I saw a shadow and thought it showed character and wisdom so I left it.  This is the first time I developed this style I am calling "spirit" animal.  I liked his so much I did one on my jacket.  Thanks Craig for suggesting the elephant!

These are embroidered on the arm of M-65 Viet Nam era army jacket.