Miscellaneous Embroideries

For Craig (2016)

Vietnam era cold weather US Army Jacket.  Upper Mandala is "motion" and the lower is "energy".  These are my abstract interpretations of  Craig Rouskey.

Who is Craig Rouskey?

​Craig is a Biohacker, DIY molecular cloning teacher, community organizer (Occupy and Act Up to name a few), musician, and my dear friend.  He has a Master of Science degree in Molecular Biology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry with a concentration in Immunology.  His passion lies in creating therapies for the world and finding novel ways to bring those therapies to people.  As a community organizer he knows when people come together, solutions to common problems are limitless.

Balance (1990-1999)

Best in Show California State Fair 2003, also 1st Place and Best in Division.  Embroiderers Guild of America US tour 16th national exhibit 2000 through 2002.

Silk fabric with rayon thread embroidery 20' x 20"

Army Jackets
In high school I used to wear Army jackets.  It was not too long after the Vietnam war ended.  I was moved by 
Soldiers and everything they went through.  I would embroider as a tribute and also a protest against war.

Recently I embroidered Mandalas on the back of my Army jacket and started wearing it.  I was struck by the reaction I would get from people.  Strangers would comment and touch my jacket.  Mandalas are such an ancient and common form that many people recognize without even realizing it.

I realized I had made it as an artist.  I don't need to sell or be in a gallery, I just need to wear it or have it worn by somebody.  It's about connection and touching people in a meaningful way.